~ Part III ~

by Gus Summers


  • Layton and Bishop walk towards Third Class for another meeting with some of the Loyalists. Layton thanks Bishop for coming along. He also asks Bishop if it wouldn’t be better if he was preparing his gear to go on his trip. Bishop tells him that Melanie is doing it and trusts that she has it all under control.
  • Layton confesses that much of the trouble is not that half the train wants Wilford in charge but that many think that they themselves could run the Snowpiercer better. He comments that he never wanted to be the people’s leader. He just wanted life better for the tail. Layton says that now that the train is aware of the upcoming Uluru Mission, his hope is that people will find a measure of patience with each other as well as with him.
  • Bishop tells Layton that sometimes life thrusts upon a person a chance to do more than they intended. All they can do is the best they can for those they love. He tells Layton all he wanted to do when he got back was to start over with his wife and daughter and count his blessings. But, life had different plans. Layton looks at him and nods in agreement.
  • In the lunch area, Layton address the Loyalists. He tells them the Snowpiercer cannot continue with these internal conflicts; and, should this mission pan out and reveal the data they hope for, the humanity on the train should have a sound structure that can function in the outer world. Some people murmur and yell that they want Wilford in charge.


  • Layton tells them that what Wilford wants is a dictatorship with himself in control; but, what they have on Snowpiercer is the seedlings of something better. If they work together, they can all determine what that something better is. Some people shout, “Yes!” while others say they want Wilford. Layton gives a concerned look to Bishop. Someone yells out, “What does the First Husband think?”
  • Layton steps aside and Bishop steps forward. Bishop tells everyone that he really shouldn’t say anything just yet because he has just gotten on board. But, with what he has heard and seen thus far, Layton is correct in saying that what they have they can work with and make it better. They should make the effort to combine a bit from the past and today.
  • Bishop continues to express to them that from what he has discerned in Layton, he seems like a level-headed person who is fully capable to manage the train. He does need someone, though, who knows how to bring order to the train. Someone that has already done it. And that person is not Wilford but Melanie. Many of the people exclaim, “No!”
  • Bishop reminds everyone that it was not Wilford who brought order, it was Melanie. Even though it was harsh. Yet, there was order. If they combine the two ideologies there should arise a form of unified order again. To merge experience and naivete. Or, they can just give their autonomy over to Wilford. He finishes by saying that he throws his lot with Layton.
  • People just mutter to themselves and the person next to them. Layton asks what everyone thinks. The Loyalists say that it sounds like a plan, at least for now. Layton sticks his hand out and says, “Truce.” One loyalist shakes his hand and answers, “Truce!” Layton and Bishop leave. Layton turns to Bishop and thanks him for his support.
  • On Big Alice, Wilford paces. Audrey tells him that he should be happy because Bishop is leaving. Wilford says that with Bishop getting the loyalists to agree to a truce, his plans have been put off further. He’s going to have to figure out a new way to unite the whole train under him again.
  • Audry says that with Bishop getting Melanie back in charge she is again a formidable obstacle. He tells her that he knows that already. His problem is how to best deal with both Melanie and Alex. Audrey then asks him, “Asha?” Wilford shrugs and continues to pace.
  • Alex sits quietly in the dining car looking out the window. Bishop walks in and sits across the table from her. He tells her he’s been looking for her. The waiter brings him a cup of coffee. After the waiter leaves, he slides two photos to her. She looks at them. One is of Melanie’s college ID from the year they met. The other is Alex as a baby.


  • Bishop tells her that those two pictures kept him going. It was a little ray of hope. When the rest of his team began to go mad, those little pieces of paper kept him sane. She smiles and says that she thinks her mother is beautiful. He says he thinks so, too. She again smiles.
  • Bishop tells her that he needs to talk to her like an adult. He tells her that he needs to know that she and Melanie will stay together; because where he goes, it is going to take “pure heart” to get him through. He needs his “ray of hope” in the dark times. He asks her if she can do that for him. She quietly answers, “Yes.”
  • Bishop can see that she is becoming upset. He gets up and sits next to her. He puts his arms around her and brings her to his chest. Alex hands the two items back to Bishop but he tells her to keep them. She clasps them in between her two hands and softly begins to cry.
  • In the departure car, Melanie sits on the snowmobile and checks its controls. Bishop walks in and over to her. She greets him and begins to talk non-stop about the suit, supplies and mission. He stops her. Melanie gets off the snowmobile.
  • She tells him that he needs to know what she’s done. He says to her that he knows how everything works and understands the mission. He tells her that he knows she’s nervous and can stop talking so much. She says that she is not nervous. He tells her that she’s his wife and he knows her ticks. She looks at him, stops talking and smiles.
  • Bishop tells her that if she is all finished he would like to spend some quiet time with his wife and daughter on their last day together. She says she is. Melanie then tells the other tech to check everything one last time. The tech says he will. Melanie walks out with Bishop, her arm around his.
  • In their cabin, Layton and Zarah converse. Zarah tells Layton she is concerned that people are starting to look towards Melanie again for leadership. If it’s not checked, she and Bishop will end up running the train.
  • Layton indicates to her that he is aware of the power shift but that in a democracy if that’s what the people want, then Melanie and Bishop are what they will get. Zarah objects. Layton tells her that Bishop just saved his life; so, he’s not so bad because he could have let the loyalists kill him.
  • Zarah tells him that Bishop is highly charismatic. Layton agrees. He says to Zarah that Bishop is changing the paradigm in the most difficult way, he’s winning the people’s minds. She asks Layton what can he do. He tells her that there is nothing to do. Zarah says “There is always something that can be done!” Layton stares at her quizzically.
  • LJ and Oz sit at the bar in Third Class discussing her encounter with Bishop and Alex. Oz, in his matter of fact manner, says that Bishop has a point. She has no qualifications other than being an Elite. LJ lashes out at Oz. She tells him how dare he say that she has no skills. He corrects himself and says that she can push a mop.
  • She tells Oz that if it wasn’t for the stupid revolution, she’d be in First Class and her parents would be alive. Oz adds that he would still be a brakeman. He looks at her and asks, “But, what can we do about it now?” She asks for another drink and says, “There is plenty someone can do.”
  • The Headwood’s are in their laboratory discussing both Icy Bob’s and Josie’s progress. Mr. Headwood says he knows that their technology is nowhere near the reported technology of Bishop Cavill. Should they face each other, Cavill would easily defeat an army of Icy Bob’s and Josie’s.
  • Mrs. Headwood says the only remedy is to somehow get Bishop’s research. She also has learned that Bishop gave it Melanie; but, they will have to be quick about it and do it before he gets back. Mr. Hardwood says “If he gets back!”
  • In the departure car, all is quiet. Suddenly, the door opens and a mysterious figure enters. The figure heads for Bishop’s suit. They pull out a pin knife and make a small incision at the shoulder joint so the suit will slowly leak oxygen.


  • Dr. Pelton gives Melanie and Bishop the rundown of the results of all the tests she took. She tells them that Bishop is beyond tip-top shape. In fact, he is more than physically ready. What she is concerned about; however, is his mental state. He saw everyone on the team die and then was alone for two years. Now, he is going on an impossible mission with a slim chance of success so soon from coming back.
  • Bishop reassures her that he is in fine mental heath. His knowing that his wife and daughter are alive, and seeing them again, was all the medicine he needed. It will also be the only thing he will need to be sure he makes it there and back. Dr. Pelton says then he has her complete stamp of approval.
  • Ben & Javi talk about Bishop’s chances while checking the instruments in the engine. Alex sits by quietly reading charts before she needs to leave to meet her parents. Javi says that the distance Bishop has to cover is very great and that the snowmobile and snow suit was not made to go that far. Ben says he hopes that whatever he finds at the installation is worth it. Alex suddenly gets up and walks out.
  • Alex walks into her parents’ cabin but no one seems to be there. She calls for them. The bedroom door opens and Melanie and Bishop walk out in bathrobes, laughing. They didn’t hear Alex calling. They all see each other and stop in their tracks at the same time. Alex exclaims, “Ewww!” Melanie and Bishop laugh.
  • Alex turns to walk out but Bishop tells her to come and sit down with them and eat something. Melanie and Bishop walk over to the table and sit down. After a few seconds of hesitation, Alex joins them. After some moments of awkward silence everyone laughs.
  • Alex then says, “I can’t believe you two! And I came to tell you guys about a surprise I have planned for later.” Melanie says “A Surprise? For us?” Alex answers, “Yes; so, I’ll come and get you guys later. But I’ll knock harder next time!” They all laugh again then begin to eat and talk like a family.
  • In Hospitality, Ruth sits in front of the microphone to make a special announcement. After saying a few words, she introduces Bishop. Bishop tells everyone how wonderful it has been to meet and talk with so many of the people of Snowpiercer; and, it is his great pleasure to go on another special assignment, not only for everyone on the train, but also for humanity.
  • Roche and Till listen in the cell/lunch car. Ben and Javi stop what they’re doing. LJ rolls her eyes at Oz. Dr. Pelton stands quietly. All the people on Snowpiercer listen intently as Bishop talks. Layton looks at Zarah who just stares back at him.
  • On Big Alice, Wilford sits and drinks a glass of scotch with Audrey. She asks him if he’s glad that Bishop is almost gone. He says he is and soon he can get back to the business of taking over Snowpiercer. She asks him if he will have enough time to do that because it won’t be long before they circle Australia to pick up Bishop. He tells her what makes her think that they are going to circle Australia. Wilford laughs.
  • Bishop ends by saying that this catastrophe will some day end; and, if they can forge a thriving society in here, they can do it out there. He adds that if there is ever a situation that seems too overwhelming, do what he does, look to Melanie for hope. He then signs off. He turns around and looks at Melanie who smiles at him.
  • Bishop walks out of the booth and asks Melanie and Ruth how they think it went. They both say it was great. Melanie tells Bishop that she has to check some data up front and will meet him later. They kiss and she leaves.
  • Before he leaves, Bishop asks Ruth if she can do him a favor. She says “Of course.” He hands her a piece of paper and asks if she thinks she can locate the items he listed. She looks at the paper, gives him a queer look and says, “Yes.” He tells her he truly appreciates it and leaves.
  • Later, Alex walks Melanie and Bishop into the Nightcar. Both of them are curious about the surprise especially since the Nightcar is empty. Alex walks over to the bar and steps behind it. She reaches under and pulls out 2 pairs of roller skates and says, “Thought maybe you two would like to relive a special moment.” Alex takes them the skates. They hug and kiss her.
  • Melanie and Bishop put on their roller skates and begin to skate around the Nightcar. Alex says, “I’ll leave you two alone.” As she walks towards the door she adds, “And there’s one more thing.” She takes out a remote control from her pocket and presses a button. Music begins to play. It’s “Where Are You Baby” by Betty Boo. She walks out and closes the door. Melanie and Bishop skate around the Nightcar to the music.


  • The technicians suit up Bishop and double check the snowmobile. Melanie, Alex, Ruth, Dr. Pelton and Layton watch as the work is finishing. Bishop makes a joke to lighten the mood. Before the techs finish tightening the suit, everyone begins to say a few words to him.
  • Alex goes first and tells him that she loves him and that she expects him to come back. He says that he will. She then hands him a current photo of her and Melanie. He takes it, smiles, and puts it into his suit. He tells her he loves her. She also tells him she loves him then gives him a kiss. As she steps back Bishop softly says “Also, be sure to ask your mom about her acting years!” He then winks at her. She smiles at him then goes back with the others.
  • Dr. Pelton offers blessings on his journey. He says thank you. Layton then steps forward and holds out his hand. Bishop takes it and they shake. Layton says good luck. Bishop tells him that he believes in him and says that when the hard decisions come, Layton should not avoid them but instead meet them head on. Layton says he will.
  • Ruth then walks up to him and tells Bishop that she hopes to see him soon and the things he was wanting, they are good to go. He says to her thank you. She quickly turns around, trying not to get emotional. The technicians finish with the suit. Melanie then walks over with the helmet.
  • Melanie asks him how it all feels. He says that everything is good. She becomes quiet for a moment. He reassures her that it is all going to work out fine. She then looks at him and tells him that she vividly recollects their meeting in the library; and, that she noticed him on the first day and purposely sat there waiting that whole week for him to talk to her. Bishop looks at her and smiles.
  • Melanie says to him, “I love you!” He answers, “I know!” She shakes her head and says, “I can’t believe you finally put that in somewhere!” He answers, “Right?! I couldn’t help it. It was perfect. It was right there!” They both softly laugh.
  • Melanie then leans in to kiss him but first she whispers to him, “I put the drive in the helmet. The data is safer with you!” Bishop gently nods. She gives him a kiss and leans back then she puts on his helmet. They look into each others eyes for a few moments.
  • Melanie asks if everything is good. He gives her a thumbs up. She tells everyone to exit the departure area and to get behind the partition door. Everyone exits, including her. Bishop follows and closes the door behind them. He looks through the glass window one last time at everyone.
  • Bishop starts to walk back towards the snowmobile, then suddenly stops. Melanie walks to the window. He reaches down to his sleeve and presses a button. Over the intercom, music plays. It is “When I See You Smile” by Bad English. As the words begin, he mouths along, “Sometimes I wonder how I’d ever make it through…” as Melanie watches through the glass. He begins to perform.
  • As Bishop continues, “Sometimes I wanna give up, wanna give in, I wanna quit the fight…” Melanie begins to cry as he gets to the chorus. “When I see you smile, I can face the world. Oh, oh. You know I can do anything…” “When I see you smile, I see a ray of light. Oh, oh. I see it shining right through the rain. When I see you smile. Baby, baby when I see you smile at me.”
  • Bishop continues performing for her and he becomes more animated. As the guitar solo begins, Melanie slams the glass with the side of her fist, cracking it, and yells, crying, “Bishop, come back. I need you here!” Bishop looks at Melanie, smiles and continues with the song.


  • When the song reaches the lyrics “When I see you smile…” He points at Melanie. “I can face the world.” He then points out towards the door. “Oh, oh. You know I can do anything…” He then says to Melanie “Open the door!” She looks at him crying then pushes the button and the outer door opens.
  • Bishop again becomes more animated as he reaches the crescendo. “Sometimes I wanna give up, I wanna give in. I wanna quit the fight…” He then turns and mounts the snowmobile. As the song reaches the chorus again, “When I see you smile, I see a ray of light…” Bishop says to Melanie, “I love you!” Melanie responds, “I know!” Bishop blows her a kiss then guns the throttle launching out of the train.
  • Melanie puts her hand up on the glass as the song continues. As it begins to end, she pushes the button again and the outer door closes. She stands looking through the window, gently wiping her tears away.
  • Ruth then hands Alex, who is also crying, an MP3 player. Alex asks, “What is this?” Ruth says it is a gift to her from her dad. Ruth then hands Melanie a card. She looks at it and her eyes begin to tear up again. It is Bishop’s college ID card from the year they met.
  • Alex hits play. As the music begins, Melanie softly laughs through her tears. Alex asks her what is so funny. Melanie says “It’s ‘Ai no Monologue.’ My hit song from Japan!” Everyone laughs and smiles as they listen to the song.
“Ai No Monologue”


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