~ PART I ~

by Gus Summers


  • In the sound booth, Ruth sits ready at the microphone in order to make an announcement. In her statement she says that to help take everyone’s mind off recent events, it has been decided that they would celebrate Christmas this year. It is not meant to be an endorsement of religion but solely the celebration of the holiday. The announcement is met with mixed reactions.
  • On Big Alice, Wilford receives the news that Snowpiercer is celebrating Christmas, much to his chagrin. Throughout the train, people start to decorate. Layton and Zarah bedeck their cabin. Audrey removes decorations from boxes in the Nightcar. Roche and Till trim the cell/lunch room. Ruth orders an artificial tree to be put in the dining car.
  • In the Engine, Ben and Javi pull out decorations and hand them to Melanie and Alex who use them to adorn the interior. As they decorate, Melanie, Alex & Javi sing “Santa Claus is coming to town.” While they sing, Ben sits in the engineer’s chair to place some ornaments on the console.
  • As he sits, an object out the window catches his eye. He tells everyone that there is something outside. Javi jokingly says “What is it Ben, Santa’s Sleigh?” Melanie and Alex laugh. Ben responds in a serious tone that whatever it is, it’s heading right for them. Everyone stops singing and looks out the window.
  • Melanie gets a pair of binoculars to see what it might be. Sure enough, it does indeed look like a large Santa’s sleigh powered by a small rocket booster; and, that there is a person on board. Melanie tells Ben to slow down in order to see who it may be. Ben reminds her that, with Snowpiercer running a diagnostic, Sykes on Big Alice is in control.


  • Wilford is also informed by Sykes of the object which he, too, sees through binoculars from Big Alice. Wilford, not wanting anything to interfere with the trains, decides to speed up. Meanwhile, people who have windows also see the object and grow both curious and concerned.
  • Melanie sees that the sleigh has gotten in front of their position but seems to have broken down. She tells everyone what has happened and that the person on board the sleigh has gotten off and is now running towards them. Melanie puts her hand on the console and feels the train moving faster. She tells everyone that Wilford changed the speed and that there is no way to help the person. Even running, the individual would not catch up to them in time.
  • As the train approaches the position to which the person is heading, Melanie watches intently. She sees the individual stop as if knowing that there is no way to catch the train. She tells everyone what she sees and all are saddened because they know that they are helpless to do anything.
  • To their shock, everyone thinks that they see the person take off their suit. Melanie, through the binoculars, sees just that. Javi yells that the person will freeze. Alex gets on the call link to tell Wilford to stop the train. He doesn’t respond.
  • Everyone watches as the person, now without a suit, runs toward them at an amazing speed. The individual catches up to the train and runs alongside of it. At the next bend, they are able to see the person run, jump and grab hold of the train at the air lock at one of the Chain Cars. Melanie tells Javi to open the air lock door. After some objections, he does. Melanie tells Ben and Javi to mind the train because she is going to see who the individual is. She tells Alex to go along.
  • As Melanie and Alex walk towards the air lock, they are met by Ruth who was coming to see Melanie. They talk about what they saw as they walk together. They can only speculate on the situation. Ruth says she will have to make an announcement about this. Melanie tells Ruth she can after they see who it is. Ruth responds “Or What it is!” Melanie makes no comment.
  • Once there, the three look through the door’s glass window from outside the air lock and see a man. He is athletic, tall and sports long gray hair. His back is to them as he adjusts a coverall over himself. Melanie uses the intercom and asks who he is. The man turns around and reveals a gray-bearded face that startles her. The man smiles at Melanie.
  • Melanie is shocked. In disbelief, she proclaims, “I can’t believe it!” She then utters the name, “Bishop?” Alex’s eyes open wide. Ruth stutters, “It…it…c-c-can’t be!”
  • The man walks to the door and pushes the intercom button. He looks at Alex and says, “Merry Christmas, Allie!” Alex exclaims in a loud voice, “DADDY!” He winks at her.
  • He then turns to Melanie and says, “Hisashiburi, Anie. Aishite iru kara!” (Hi, Anie. Because I love you!) Then blows her a kiss. Melanie, Alex, and Ruth continue to stand there in shock.


  • Melanie, Alex, Dr. Pelton and Layton stare at Dr. Bishop Cavill as he sits on the examining table in the Medical center. Dr. Pelton tells Melanie that he is in perfect health and shows no signs of frost bite. None of them can believe it. Layton asks him how he was able to survive the cold. Bishop tells him that the answers are trade secrets.
  • After a few more questions, Bishop asks Dr. Pelton and Layton if they wouldn’t mind excusing him because he hasn’t seen his family in over 7 years and he would like to talk to them privately. Dr. Pelton and Layton say they understand. Melanie, Alex and Bishop leave together.
  • Layton asks Dr. Pelton what she knows about Bishop. She tells him that Bishop was the lead geneticist for Wilford. She adds that he was stuck up in the Tibetan mountains in Wilford’s laboratories when the last storm came. He was presumed dead. Layton responds, “Well, he seems to be very much alive and it looks like he’s staying!”
  • Besides all the hustle and bustle from the Christmas preparations, the whole train is abuzz due to Bishop’s unexpected arrival. On Big Alice, Wilford rants and raves. He grills Audrey incessantly for answers about Bishop but she has none. Not surprisingly, Mr. & Mrs. Headwood also clamor for information, since they, too, heard how he endured the extreme cold.
  • Back in one of the First Class cabins, where Ruth arranged for the Cavills to stay, Alex bombards her father with questions. He tells her that he’ll answer them all after he talks to her mother first. Melanie asks her to check on Ben and Javi. She agrees and leaves. Once alone, Melanie and Bishop sit down together on the couch.
  • Melanie is still skeptical of Bishop. She tells him she does not understand how he survived all those years and how was it that he was able to endure the cold. He first tells her that many of the other geneticists lived for a long time until there was a bio-breach in the fifth year. He was the lone survivor. He tells her that one of the other doctors was also a roboticist who was working on something cutting edge and which he & she successfully got to work.
  • While Bishop is talking, she places her hand on his arm, just to feel him. As she touches him, she senses something. Then, in the middle of his next sentence, she exclaims, “Nanomites!” He answers, “Yes. Tissue regenerating Nanomites.” He tells her that in addition to repairing any tissue damage, they also give him great strength.


  • Melanie gets a big smile on her face and gives him a huge hug. She now begins to bombard him with questions. She talks incessantly. He says nothing. She suddenly realizes he’s quiet and asks him what’s wrong. He looks at her and says, “Your smile is like a ray of light!” She smiles bigger and attempts to hide it with her hand. She replies, “I can’t stop smiling now!” Bishop laughs.
  • He tells her that he has all the data on a flash drive which he’ll give to her. First, though, he just wants to sit quietly and hold her. Bishop leans back. Melanie lays her head on his chest as he holds her. She asks, “When are you going to shave the beard?” Bishop answers “When you gain some weight. You’re too skinny!” She smiles then gently pulls his beard. He says “ouch!”
  • The whole train is in celebration mode. Ruth arranges for Bishop to be honored during the Christmas party she prearranged in First Class. As the party begins, she calls everyone to attention. The entire train is in attendance via the sound system. She begins excitedly, expressing her delight in having Dr. Bishop Cavill on board and states that it marks a new beginning for both trains. The guests clap.
  • Ruth continues to say that with all that has happened, it is nice to have a “First Family” again. Many of the guests express agreement; however, Wilford looks on grimly and Layton and Zarah are expressionless. Ruth invites Bishop to the microphone to say a few words.
  • Bishop starts, “Giving speeches was never my strong suit. Melanie was always the talkative one!” Everyone laughs. He then thanks everyone for their warm greetings and shares how happy he is to be back with his family and he looks forward to getting back to Snowpiercer business. He thanks everyone again, then steps back with his family. Ruth thanks the listeners for their time and attention and signs off the sound system. She turns to the attending guests, thanks them as well then tells everyone to enjoy themselves.
  • Layton goes to talk to Melanie and Bishop. He tells them that he hopes everything continues to work out for them; and, when they are free he would like to talk train business. Melanie and Bishop agree to talk with him. Layton returns to the party and to Zarah. Zarah says to Layton, “First Family?” He answers, “That’s just Ruth being Ruth.” Zarah just stares at Bishop.
  • Wilford walks up to Melanie and Bishop. Wilford says snidely to Bishop, “May I enter the court of King Richard?” Bishop answers, “Of course, Joe. But it’s Bolingbrooke. Or Richmond, if you prefer!” Wilford responds, “Touche!”
  • Wilford proceeds to tell Bishop that he’s glad he has returned; and, at his convenience, would like him over on Big Alice to talk. Bishop accepts. Wilford excuses himself and returns to Audrey and the party. Audrey asks him how it went. Wilford says that Bishop will be trouble.
  • Till sees Roche and she asks him if he knows Bishop. He says he only met him a couple of times and he was very gracious. She asks what he thinks it means when Ruth called them “First Family.” He says he’s not sure but that it might mean that there is a new sheriff in town. She then asks him about Layton. Roche simply shrugs.
  • Back in Third Class, everyone talks about what they heard. LJ, who returned to janitorial duties, and Oz talk about the Cavills and how they are now the “First Family.” LJ expresses her complete disdain for them. She tells Oz that the Folgers should be “First Family.” He asks her what can she do about it. She tells him that whatever she does she intends to make sure that they will rue the day when Ruth called them that.
  • Back at the party, Ben and Javi stand in a corner. Javi asks Ben if he has had a chance to talk to Melanie in length since Bishop has been back. He says, “No.” He tells Javi that she has been relaying messages through Alex. They both watch Melanie and Bishop make the rounds. Ben finally sees Melanie alone without Bishop and heads towards her.
  • As Ben approaches Melanie, he is suddenly stopped by Bishop who steps in his path. Bishop tells Ben that Melanie told him about their relationship and that he doesn’t fault him. However, he’s back now and she’s his woman. He hopes Ben can respect that. Ben says he understands. Bishop says, “Good!” He then walks back to Melanie leaving Ben standing there. Melanie asks Bishop what he said to Ben. He says, “I told him you’re my woman!” Melanie smiles.
  • After the party ends, Melanie, Alex, Bishop, Wilford and Audrey walk back to the border. Wilford expresses his thanks for a wonderful time and again offers the invitation for Bishop to visit him on Big Alice. Bishop says he will, just to let him know when.
  • Wilford asks Alex to join him. He says that Big Alice needs a little TLC from her. Alex just stands there. Wilford reaches out his hand. Melanie is about to speak when Bishop gets in between Wilford’s hand and Alex. Bishop says that Alex will be staying with him. Wilford asks, “Shouldn’t that be her decision?” Bishop says that now that he’s back he plans to keep his family together.
  • Wilford lowers his hand and looks at Alex. Melanie puts her arm around Alex and holds her. They both stand behind Bishop. Wilford smiles. He tells Audrey to cross the border. She does. He stands looking at Bishop for a moment then crosses the border himself. Wilford turns to take a look at Alex. Bishop says, “Good Night, Joe!” Bishop then grabs the border door with one hand and slams it shut with ease.

Wilford forced to return to Big Alice without Alex

  • Bishop turns around and hugs his family. The people at the border begin to applaud. Melanie, Alex and Bishop stop hugging and make their way past the people. Many say that with the Cavills here, it is truly a season to celebrate for it is indeed a time of new beginnings. Zarah listens and watches the whole thing from behind the crowd.
  • Later that evening, Melanie, Alex and Bishop finish a late supper because none of them ate at the party. After some small talk, Alex tells Melanie and Bishop that she will go check on the engine so that they can do some more catching up alone. Bishop thanks her. Alex calls Melanie by her first name and tells her she will give her an update in the morning. She says good night and leaves.
  • Bishop tells Melanie that he doesn’t like it that Alex calls her by her first name. Melanie says there is some history he doesn’t know about that she needs to tell him. He says to tell him.
  • Bishop gets up to make some tea. She sees what he’s doing and asks him when he began to drink tea, knowing he prefers coffee. He says that he is making that as well. She smiles.
  • Bishop sits back down at the table. As they sit, he tells her that Alex will he taking him for a tour through the train the next day. She wants to spend time alone with him. Melanie gets quiet and repeats that there are some things she has to tell him.
  • Bishop sits quietly as she begins to fill him in about the day the train departed and how she left Alex and her parents behind. She tells him all that led up to her doing what she did. At the end, he tells her he understands and comforts her. He then tells her that soon he’ll have to confess to what happened in the Tibetan lab. For right now though, he just wants to be a family.
  • The tea and coffee alert that they are ready. Bishop stands up and prepares their drinks. He brings them back to the table and they both sit looking at the cups. Bishop reaches out and takes Melanie’s hand. She smiles at him.

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