Is Melanie Cavill all that she appears to be? Or, is there more to the woman? There is only one person who truly knows!

Learn more about her in “Ode to Melanie in Three Parts!” Prepare yourself for many surprises!


Who is Bishop? And, why is he looking for Melanie on Snowpiercer? But in addition to that, how does he know all her secrets?

The answers can be found in “Ode to Melanie in Three Parts!” The insight will change your paradigm forever!

“Coming Soon”

Art is always a process. Whatever form one chooses, it is rarely here but ever forthcoming.

Be sure to come be back; the site will be in constant development. For art never sleeps!


What is Writerscapade?

It is the sphere for the written musings of Gus Summers. Some based on original content & others on established works (Fan Fiction).

It is meant to be entertaining & also to be taken with a grain of salt. Thank you for visiting & come again for there will always be more to enjoy!

– material under copyright –

“You must write for yourself, above all. That is your only hope of creating something beautiful!

Gustave Flaubert


  1. gohoubi

    i write snowpiercer fanfiction as well (gohoubi on AO3) and someone sent me the link to this! i read it all, it’s very heartwarming. i like it a lot. my life was made better for having read it. i hope you will continue to write things like this in the future. :))))


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